We offer various intimate area solutions for both women and men which ranges from PRP , intimate peels, laser treatments and many many more

Cellulite is a persistent  subcutaneous fat causing dumpling of the skin, especially on women’s hips and thighs.
Little is know about the causes of cellulite . It involves the fibrous connective cords that tether the skin to the underlying muscle, with the fat lying between.

There are a lot of causes for alopecia, and the cause of alopecia is determined and suitable solutions are available at the aesthetic centre. These solutions include PRP, microneedling, serums and hair transplant.

The weight loss intravenous drip is packed with detoxing, replenishing vitamins and minerals that help boost your metabolism, suppress appetite and achieve your ideal body weight.
Fat burners and L-carnitine help the process of reducing stubborn fat and build lean muscle when combined with an appropriate diet and healthy lifestyle .

Lipolysis is an innovative fat melting treatment injection use to sculpture your body removing excess fat in the unwanted areas.
It is recommended for small areas of fat under the arm, under the chin, stomach area or love angles
The injection will cause no or minimal swelling in the treated area.

We believe that balanced diet is a cornerstone for healthy weight loss.
We offer holistic medical weight management which involves the prepared list of healthy diet options plus daily HCG injections.
HCG injection mobilises the body fat which circulates through your body providing energy and preventing hunger. This will make it possible to maintain the healthy diet.
This holistic medical diet has supplements to replace your natural health and also suppress appetite.

We have different solutions for stretch marks which includes, microneedling and various types of injections

We offer customized chemical peels for all skin conditions for the whole body, including :
legs peels,
hand peels,
neck peels,
Inner thighs aka kiwi.

Feeling Fatigue and Run down? This is the drip for you, This IV infusion contains high levels of B vitamins and Magnesium both fundamental for improving energy levels.
If you are looking for a healthy pick me up and to avoid feeling worn down by adrenal fatigue, this is for you.

Boost your body’s immune system with a strong infusion of important virus fighting vitamins and minerals.This drip is packed with amino acids , antioxidants and its antiviral.
This helps to beat the cold and flu